Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions...

Q. Where can I find out more about the game and how to play?

We have many great methods for both connecting with the community itself as well as the team. Further to that, we use a number of different options in our attempt to communicate out updates as well. You can find all of the details for this right here.

Q. What is the AUX port for?

Currently the only use is for a shell credit token, but other utilities are being made for quality-of-life improvements.

Q. What is a shell credit token?

This token will pay the base Shellinium costs associated with a single Greenprint craft of the same rarity as the token. These were initially released through the Shell Road Marketplace. You can watch there for future releases or you can search for some on the Secondary Market.

Q. What are Ascendant Orbs and how can I make them?

Ascendant orbs are vital for many of the game mechanics like Greenprint Boosting. You can attempt to make Ascendant Orbs by fusing 10 Greenprints of the same rarity in the crafting interface. More details can be found here.

Q. Can I fuse Greenprints that already had bonus stats achieved during crafting?

Yes you can, but it is advised to keep your Greenprints with an initial bonus to be used during the Greenprint Boosting process. Obviously the choice is yours, however we recommend keeping Greenprints with higher bonus statistics and fusing your Greenprints with lower stats, it’s totally up to you.

Q. Why should I boost a Greenprint?

Aside from them having better stats, the boosting process makes your Greenprints stronger and therefore, cheaper to fuse into armor. So it is well worth doing for both reasons if you want to be competitive in the playable game modes like Ultra Anima Racing. More details about this can be found here.

Q. What else can I do with Ascendant Orbs other than boost Greenprints?

This is a great question. At this time, you can also use them in the process of leveling up your foragers used in the Materials Foraging Missions. More uses will follow as gameplay mechanics are continuously released. You can learn more about the Foragers and related Missions by clicking here.

Q. How do I level up a Forager?

You need to use an Ascendant Orb with a rarity up to but not higher than your Forager. You can find all of the details around this in this section here.

Q. How do I unlock the other two forager slots?

Currently only two Foraging Mission Slots have been unlocked. Be sure to subscribe to the Medium articles so that you receive all of the updates and don't miss when the team informs us on further details relating to the two additional slots.

Q. How can I access higher tier foraging missions?

Once your forager has reached level 10 the tier 2 missions will unlock, and tier 3 unlocks at level 25. All of the details related to these Missions can be found here.

Q. I would like to know more about foragers, the missions, and materials

You can read all about it by clicking into the section on these Missions found here.

Alternatively, you can also watch this great video from NanotopiaTV.

Q. What and when is the next Green Rabbit gameplay release?

The best answer for this at this time, would be to check the roadmap section found here. You will also want to subscribe to our Medium Articles where we make all of our announcements. These can be found in this section here.

Q. When will more partner staking go live?

Partner Staking is already live with the Kyle Loza Project. As we continue to move our Roadmap forward, other projects will be brought forward and activated. Be sure to subscribe to our Medium Articles so that you don't miss anything around this.

Q. Where can I report an error/bug?

We have a channel called #game-support on our discord server. If you are not in the discord yet here is a link for you to join.

The Green Rabbit team is currently looking at initiating an additional service embedded within the interface, to allow reporting of support requests.

Q. Why have I received an error about not enough CPU/NET/RAM?

This means you need to stake some more WAX to the resource you get the error for. Head over to https://wallet.wax.io/ if you are using the Wax Cloud Wallet or https://wax.bloks.io if you are using a wallet such as anchor. Select which resource you want to stake more WAX to and stake the amount you feel is appropriate.

These resources are global and for the whole WAX chain, so transactions by other people and for other projects/games can affect how much can be used at any given time.

Q. How do I get the active role in Green Rabbit discord?

To get the active role all you need to do is chat with your fellow members and it will come in good time. If you want more details then this video explains all you need to know.

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