Green Rabbit Game
Armor Fusion
When all 6 armor components have been crafted and their quality is high enough to attempt it, you can then choose to move forward with the Anima Armor Fusion process itself. To do this, you will load the Greenprint with all of the completed armor components into the interface, the required Shell and an Ascendant Orb. Initiate the Armor Fusion ceremony and, if successful you would exchange the greenprint and related components for a fully functional Anima Armor. Congratulations on success.
Now you are ready to embark on a journey of fierce competition against other Green Rabbit players to dominate the Ultra anima races. While this is the completion of Phase 1 of the Green Rabbit Game story, this is only the beginning of a host of other gameplay mechanics that will be coming your way and changing the landscape of the NFT gaming space forever.