Green Rabbit Game is a multi-activity adventure developed on the WAX blockchain. With many activities already released and so many more to come, this will walk you through the mechanics of the current roadmap Phase.

We will cover how to get started, what you will need and how these pieces all tie together. All of the included activities relate to key game play we refer to as Green Rabbit Phase 1. The final activity of Phase 1 being the Unity-based Ultra Anima races, a 3D player controlled, skill dependent game where you dawn Anima Armor and test your metal versus other players in the metaverse.

With the first phase of the Green Rabbit Game roadmap resulting in the Ultra Anima races, most of the gameplay activities relate to preparing for those races. Why, you ask? Well, because the races require each participant to be wearing Anima Armor with key attributes and potential abilities in order to compete. Ready to discover? Let’s get started.

Watch our Green Rabbit Phase 1 Overview video here.

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