Collection NFT Staking

As mentioned previously, Green Rabbit is an NFT-Staking Game. These NFTs are used for multiple purposes, however the initial and very important use is the ability to stake them. Through our groundbreaking non-custodial staking approach, a player will plug a Greenrabbit Greentooth Flashdrive into the interface, load all or as many of their gameplay NFTs into the drive as possible and then sit back and watch as they start to earn. Earn what you ask? Great question! Our gameplay has an in-game economy that is based around our game utility token called Shellinium, or Shell for short.
The method of acquiring Shell is simply to stake your NFTs as just mentioned. Every hour on the hour, the system will calculate what Shell you have earned based on the staking power of which NFTs you have loaded onto your Flashdrives. Whenever you are ready, log into your account, visit staking and click the “Claim” button to see that earned Shell flow into your WAX wallet. Shell, as you will see shortly, is crucial for your ability to move forward with the other gameplay mechanics. This is why NFT Staking was and is, step number one. Note: Additional Shell can be acquired through Partner and Promo Sticker Staking as well.
Each player will have five Flashdrive slots. With subsequent launches, we plan to release methods for extending the number of slots any one player may have access to, if and when the game economy requires it. The core purpose for staking the NFTs will be for mining the Shellinium utility game token which in turn will be used in various processes in the game.
Example of 5 Greentooth Flashdrive staking slots filled with drives and staked NFTs
Rather than the traditional method of a custodial wallet for every NFT, we will use the Greentooth Flashdrives as a custodial NFT. Meaning, the Flashdrive will be held in escrow, but the NFTs staked to the flash drive will remain in your wallet. The Flashdrive will be held in escrow in order to track any sales or transfers of the NFTs staked to the Flashdrive. What does this really mean to you? This means that all of your NFTs will remain in your wallet, with the exception of the Flashdrive NFTs. Should you sell or transfer away an NFT that you currently have staked, it will also immediately be wiped from the Flashdrive as well.
The Genesis Series NFT Staking rates as well as any other active staking rates, will be available in the Tokenomics section of this Greenpaper.
NOTE: While both Greenrabbit collection NFTs and any Partner Staking programs launched by Greenrabbit will all require related Flashdrives for staking the NFTs, Promo Sticker NFTs do not. They can be staked in the Promo Staking section, accessed from the Staking page. The same applies for "Exclusive" Staking, however there is a current limit of 3 "Exclusives" that can be staked at any one time. Furthermore, Partner Staking programs will all have their own sections, related drive slots and specifically related Flashdrives. More to follow on this in the Partner Staking section.