Welcome to Green Rabbit


Green Rabbit was founded in the spring of 2021 when a group of like-minded individuals met on a popular social media platform for an emerging blockchain game. Their shared love for gaming, art, and NFTs led to many creative conversations. Each member brought their own unique set of skills to the table, from 3D artistry and video production to web development and crypto expertise.

The creative minds of Green Rabbit emerged into the metaverse with the knowledge and enthusiasm towards developing a project that would engage collectors with a rewarding experience. Since the inception of the project and initial team, we have grown and evolved substantially. Greenrabbit now boasts a worldwide team of Full-Stack Developers. Smart-Contract Developers, Game Theorists, UI/UX Designers, Unity Developers, 3D Artists, 2D Artists and more. Our collective talent delivers all phases of exceptionally unique NFTs gaming experiences.


Green Rabbit is committed and will remain so, to providing the NFT community with an exciting and rewarding gaming experience, built with integrity and ethics at its core and delivered with the industry's collectors and gaming enthusiasts in mind.

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