“I want to share my vision for GR in the coming months, with all of you — So that we are all calling things the same thing here, the GR Team is calling everything up to and including the Ultra-Anima Races (on Unity) ‘Green Rabbit Phase I.’ In this phase you will see a lot of awesome and amazing updates coming your way, as well as a few huge surprises too! (Not sure what they are because my mind has been wiped) However, I do know these surprises (Not listed in the roadmap below) will happen during Phase I and they are going to quite literally change the game. Not only for GR but for all of the WAX Metaverse and Blockchain Gaming as a whole!! Stay Ready Rabbits!!
I envision GR Phase 1 will give us all things to do, keep us actively and positively engaged, as well as provide ways for creative players to developer a strong overall position for themselves in the world of Nanotopia. This will carry us into roughly the March timeframe, after which we will be going full steam into Phase II! (Phase II roadmap to be published at a future date prior to the completion of Phase I)
I cannot wait to share everything we have built with you all!! I thank you for sticking with us as we ensure that the product we deliver to the community is nothing short of what you have already come to expect from the amazing GR Dev team!! Please take a look at the visual roadmap below, so you can get a feel of where we are at and where we intend to go on in to the first part 2022 as we complete the epic journey of Phase I in Nanotopia.”